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  • Where is Hui Hui Essentials Made?

    Our products are proudly made with love in Los Angeles, California and manufactured in the USA.

  • Are the ingredients certified organic?

    Yes! We use all-natural ingredients and source only certified organic oils for our product.

  • Is there any fragrance added? What does the product smell like?

    Absolutely not. We are proud to say we have no added artificial fragrances in our product.

  • How do you use the product?

    Start by brushing your hair to exfoliate your scalp, apply 2-3 drops to spot treat problem areas or for a full scalp massage use one full dropper, in both cases, massage to distribute the product gently into your scalp.

  • Does Hui Hui Essentials test on animals?

    Absolutely not. We love animals and are cruelty-free in all aspects of creating our product.

  • Is Hui Hui Essentials safe for color-treated hair?

    Yes. Our products are safe and will not harm any treated hair.

  • Can I use Hui Hui Essentials when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

    We would absolutely recommend our night formula for its calming aromatherapy benefits, WE DONT recommend our day formula as it contains peppermint which can affect your milk supply if you are breast feeding.